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(hinged from the top)


These windows were made by KM. The design is easily recognisable as it has a wire rope winder, a pair of torsion springs, and no hinges.

When these winders break they cannot be repaired or serviced. We provide a conversion which uses an Australian-made chain winder (either locking or non-locking).


These awning windows used an arm-winder with a short extended flexible extension riveted to the end of a standard arm. The winder is generally mounted to one side of the centre of the window.

When an old arm-winder is broken we replace it with a new arm-winder. Unfortunately the new type restricts the opening to about 800mm and is not available with a lock.


A better alternative is our full conversion which is more secure, more durable and provides a larger opening of about 1200mm. This option is available with or without a built-in lock.




PHOTO 3 - BEFORE Awning window with old Whitco style Roto winder. There's a flexible extension on the end of the arm. See to the right for conversion options for this window.

PHOTO 1 - BEFORE Original KM awning window with wire type winder, the window is spring loaded to go outwards. Replacements are not available and they originals cannot be repaired.

PHOTO 2 - AFTER Full conversion: the above type converted to an Australian chain winder (locking or non-locking).

PHOTO 4 - AFTER Conversion of the window on the left to a regular Roto style casement winder (without flexible extension). However, the opening is smaller than with the full conversion above.

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